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Men to Men Genital Tantra Massage

Visit my Gay Massage oasis near Frankfurt

and enjoy the multiple genital massage



In my "Men to Men Tantra genital massage" everything is about your best friend - your penis.


In tantric it is called the "lingam". The term lingam (also Shiva linga) is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva used for worship in temples. In traditional Indian society, the linga is a symbol of the energy and translates:

the male organ of generation or the genital organ of Shiva.


For the man receiving the genital massage it is a special and unique ritual that releases new energies. Also unconscious sexual tension can be resolved.


With special techniques I pamper your reflex zones on the penis in varying degrees of intensity. Enjoy in the further course, passive and relaxed, an intense range of emotions of emotional feelings.


Even if the testicle is involved in my massage, so the focus is clearly on the lingam.

An intense testicular massage promotes blood flow to the genitals and increases the feeling perception throughout the genital area.


My "Men to Men Tantra genital massage" may also end with a "BIG DRAW". This is a tantric way to avoid ejaculation to enjoy a long lasting and extremely intense full body orgasm.


I recommend my clients to keep the energy built up to gain strength and vitality for everyday life. Ejaculation may or may not happen. Relaxation and intense intimate feelings is the ultimate aim.


During the genital massage you lose sexual pressure. Not even an erection is necessary to enjoy the intimate feelings.


I invite you to visit my gay massage oasis near Frankfurt to relax and to develop your intimate energies.


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