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Men to Men Anal Tantra massage

Visit my gay massage oasis near Frankfurt

and enjoy the multiple anal massage



The anal prostate massage for men is a healing and sexually stimulating experience.

In the beginning the anal region is gently massaged from the outside. Then the massage continues with the stimulation of the prostate from the inside.


The prostate gland is an organ that produces a part of the seminal fluid but also reacts during stimulation.

This area is very sensitive and during this gay anal massage you will receive intense feelings that unfold your whole body.

Emotional blocking can be solved. A regular anal massage of the prostate can stimulate the whole pelvic area and increase sexual sensitivity.


Also the risk of prostate cancer can bei minimized by a regular anal massage.

Especially for men who are still very inexperienced in this area, I will open a new experience to enrich their sexuality. 


Often for heterosexual men the anus is still an unexplored area connected with taboos.

In a sensitive way, I accompany you in researching this lustful and sensitive area.

In a protected environment you can collect deep experiences and open yourself to your feminine side.



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