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 "Men 2 Men Partner-Tantra-Massage"

for Gay Couples



Visit my Gay Massage Oasis in Frankfurt
and enjoy the unique Couple Tantra massage!


My partner tantra massage is a special experience for couples who want to bring sexual energy in your relationship again.

After a couple of year sexual energy between partners can fade or often vanish.

Some couple do not have an open relationship but feeling unhappy within their sexuality and try to seek for new impulses.

Mabye a tantric couple massage would be a solution!

The three of us start with a ritual of togetherness to get in contact with our bodies.
Then I start to massage you one after the other and show the giving partner techniques of erotic massage.

Depending on what you wish to learn, you will experience the techniques of genital and anal tantric massage.

Afterwards you are welcome to try it on your partner and I show you how you to practise the techniques correctly.

Experience a unique ritual that evokes new impulses in your relationship.

Relax and enjoy!



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