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Welcome to

Men 2 Men Massage Frankfurt


Visit my Men to Men Tantra oasis near Frankfurt

and enjoy the Multiple Genital Massage

or Multiple Anal Massage


Men to Men Genital Massage

Enjoy a unique ritual of tantra massage

Men to Men Anal Tantra Massage

Enjoy a healing and sexually stimulating ritual

My "Man to Man  Massage"

I am your companion on a sensual journey


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Dear tantra - lovers from Frankfurt or around the world!


Everyone yearns for a gentle touch and yearns to surrender to the touch.
An erotic touch presupposes confidence. A combination of stimulating, pleasure and relaxing ends in perfect harmony of body and mind.
In my special Men to Men Tantric Massage you might reach a sexual climax. But the purpose of my tantric massage is not a quick help to an orgasm but rather to feel the harmonization of the whole body.
I have developed my own tantra massage techniques and offer the man to man massage exclusively in my Gay Massage oasis near Frankfurt. Mostly gay men come to me, so I created the two different tantric massages called the "Men to Men Tantra genital or anal massage". A combination of the genital massage and anal massage is also possible.
I would like to share my experiences with you and take you on an erotic journey where you might have multiple orgasms. I would like to address a selected clientele that wants to enjoy a slightly different man to man massage with erotic moments.
Of course my offer is not only exclusively for gay men.
Even heterosexual or bisexual men who are interested in are welcome

It should be mentioned that it is about building up the energy in the "Men to Men Tantra Massage". The entire ritual where multiple orgasms are possible closes after the massage with a special ritual.
An erection or ejaculation is not necessary during my Tantra massage.
It's all about your sensation.
It's your time.
You should relax and enjoy the magic of my tantra massage.
Without any stress or pressure.
You don't have to prove anything to anyone in my oasis.
I look forward to your visit in my tantra massage oasis near Frankfurt!
See you 
"Benjamin Shiva"
Here some pics of me doing tantric self-love!


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